Founded in 1998, the company AMIWA is a leading manufacturer of bearings for various industries and leading supply for Korean, European and Japanese automotive industry. More than two thirds of its products AMIWA produces specifically for car assembly plants and the aftermarket for auto parts. The trust of the largest automakers by AMIWA is for them is not just a supplier, but a permanent strategic partner.

Products are manufactured at modern factory and using modern technology. Constant expansion of the range provides a growing range of more buyers. In research and development invested 14% of the total cash turnover. Bearings AMIWA produce trained and certified professionals staff.

AMIWA have a policy of comprehensive quality and environmental protection, which contributes to the stable performance of the company and increases the trust of many customers. The company is certified according to ISO 9001 international program, EAQF (quality system adopted by the European automobile manufacturers), QS 9000 (quality system adopted by the American and Japanese automobile manufacturers).

Company AMIWA continually optimizes the means of production in the following areas:

  • Production management in accordance with MRP II;
  • Improvement of technological processes and equipment;
  • Automated control (SPC, monitoring, audit);
  • Ensuring the highest level of production (TPM, GPAO).

Using bearings and hub AMIWA - means to receive a mark of quality and support compliance with quality and reliability.