The company was founded in AMIWA 1998 year with the goal of becoming the world's leading manufacturer of high quality brake systems and their elements. The company's founders , united by a common interest to the automotive and motorsport, sought to challenge the status "quo" all existing production technology braking systems and to set new standards in the production and modernization. AMIWA - one of the first companies in the production of brake discs and systems on the market that offers including upgrading the brake system front axle, preserving the overall balance of the brake system, including the preservation of the original elements of the brake system rear axle. This significantly increases the braking dynamics.

AMIWA company today is one of the world leaders in this upgrade balanced braking system for production cars and offers a variety of technical solutions to more than 277 E - car platforms.

Cars equipped with disc brakes and braking systems of AMIWA regularly take part in various specialized sports. Highly qualified engineers, develop and improve production technology of high-performance brake discs, steel brake calipers for motorsport and for road use. Line braking systems Diverse. Brake Systems consist of a set AMIWA calipers and brake pads, discs and a set of composite reinforced brake hoses. All brake components are made of modern equipment and quality control of the International Organization for Standardization ISO. All products have received approval worldwide. AMIWA company does not stop there, she is constantly improving existing technologies and developing new order to meet the demand for high quality brake system of a vehicle, both professional racers and enthusiasts and lovers.

The result of continuous research engineers began a completely new production technology brake systems.