Basically, shock absorbers are designed to dampen the vertical vibrations. But do not forget about the impact of shocks on acceleration, braking and handling dynamics.

AMIWA Company is a one of bigger manufacturer of drive systems for the automotive and engineering industries. AMIWA manufactories produce more than 20000 titles, and every year more than 30 million products...

Car suspension - a device that provides the elastic vehicle traction carrier system and adjusts the position of the body in motion and reduces the load on the wheels. Modern automotive offers different types of car suspension: air, spring, spring, torsion, etc.

AMIWA company successfully produces bushings , bushings , seals, polyurethane suspension for various brands (BMW, Saab, Toyota, Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Opel, Jeep Wrangler , etc.) and models of vehicles including SUVs and Trucks.