Reliability and accuracy

AMIWA springs are manufactured on precision equipment to the highest standards of the automotive industry. The process of forming the spring twice: in the free state and after a slight compression. It is not customary condition of automobile manufacturing technology springs , but we spend such a treatment to reduce the internal stress of the metal and prevent sagging and " drawdown " in the future . Result - increased durability and stability.


AMIWA produces a wide range of springs with both constant and variable pitch . The fact that the selection of characteristics for each car is always unique , and we offer you a choice . You can order the suspension under increased pressure for expeditions or under the light " fan car" to have fun with your friends or for uncompromising sporty driving . Choice - it is always good .


Much can be said about the composition of the metal used by us or the unquestioning adherence to technology. But the main thing - it's pleasant things . For example, ending AMIWA springs are designed so that they provide perfect compatibility with the design of your car. Resistant coating provides a quality appearance for many years. You say that the appearance of springs - is nonsense , because no one sees ? No, we do not think so .

Suspension elements include AMIWA carefully chosen combination of springs with shock absorbers that gives maximum improvement drivability under different conditions of use and loading the car. In most cases, for every car there are several options springs and shock absorbers , depending on vehicle use and preferences of the owner . Although in each case taking into account the weight of the car and tire size , an emphasis on the universal use of the car .